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Common Questions

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are a mechanism that allows investors to benefit from the fluctuating movement of investment assets in the global financial market up and down without the need to actually own the asset; It is in the form of an agreement between the seller of the contract and the buyer that the seller pays the difference between the current price of the asset and its price at the moment of the contract to the seller. If the price of the asset rises, the seller pays the price difference to the buyer. This difference is considered the buyer’s profit in this case and vice versa in the case of a decrease. Asset price. Trading companies such as the Extrade platform provide the possibility of trading CFDs . You can now try it by registering and starting tradin

The Extrade platform provides a trading education service through a series of videos that explain to the investor the most important financial instruments that he must possess in order to begin the trading path and achieve profits, by presenting videos on the basic laws of economics and explaining CFDs, stocks, and currency trading (Forex trading). The videos also contain It explains trading strategies , the use of technical tools, and how to manage capital effectively and gradually from the beginner level to the professional. The Extrade platform also provides educational books, blogs, and common terminology in trading, with the ability to view the latest news affecting market movements and analyzes of trading experts that show potential opportunities to achieve... Profits. With the Xtrade platform, trading has become
Trading investment assets, including commodities, has evolved to become easier today, including oil. You can now buy and sell assets over the Internet using just your device or even your phone. Oil is one of the most important global commodities traded in markets. You can also trade oil and learn how to buy oil on CFDs without having to actually buy and store it. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) have solved this problem, so that the investor can benefit from fluctuations in the prices of oil - and other assets - without the need to actually buy it. All the investor has to do is open an account with a trading broker such as Extrade and initiate his transactions. Want to experience trading in an easy and simple way?
raders often turn to global markets as a form of diversification in the investment portfolio, especially for trading in global stocks, and to distribute investment risks between companies and foreign markets, and also to benefit from emerging markets that can have high profit opportunities. It must be known that all types of investment tools are subject to judicial regulation in the country to which they belong, and each of them has its own distinct risks and advantages, and selecting investment tools that are appropriate for the investor’s financial portfolio depends on the investor’s knowledge of the market and skills in the field of financial investment. Therefore, you are required to have a lot of acumen and skill to trade in global stocks. You must also be fully aware of the market influences and know the extent of their impact in the short and long term
Online trading is the exchange of financial assets over the Internet, i.e. buying and selling currency pairs, buying stocks, commodities, and buying digital currencies through the trading platforms provided by brokerage companies with the aim of profiting from the movement of the prices of these assets in the expected direction. It is no different from exchanging anything else in our daily lives except that it takes place over the Internet. The most common type of asset for trading is Forex, i.e. the exchange of foreign currency pairs. The basic principle of online trading is to buy the traded product, then wait until its price rises, sell it, and benefit from the price difference. CFDs are the fastest and cheapest way to benefit from the financial markets. Start trading now by opening an account through the Xtrade platform.

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