Forex Trader's Room

Give your traders the best trading experience using our Trader’s Room facilities


Let Us Walk You Through

Forex trader’s room is specially designed keeping traders in mind; with an intention of giving them a smooth trading experience.
Numerous vital and supplementary facilities that make trading simple and easy are integrated into the trader’s room.
Forex Trader’s Room provides many user friendly services like opening new accounts, Deposit and Withdrawal anytime, reviewing trading history and much more.
It’s basically a profile access given to every trader to operate with ease. This helps in reducing back office work for you as most of primary and basic steps of starting a new account and maintaining their current account will be done by traders.

How Trader’s Room Can Help?


Our Distinct Services

Trading History

Traders can review their trading history easily to keep track of their previous trades, estimate funds and make decisions about future trades based on that.

Document Management

Customers can submit legal documents required for opening a new account or for subscribing for other services easily without any hassle.

Taking First Step

Opening a new account using the trader’s room is easy as it can be. Whether it is a new trading account, Live account, Demo account or IB account, it applies to all of these.

Funds Management

Make deposits and withdrawals easy for your traders by providing a simple and convenient Forex Trader’s Room.

IB & Affiliate Application

Traders, who are interested in becoming IBs or Affiliate system managers, can apply for the same with Trader’s Room.

Live Chat Integration

Users can chat live with brokers if they come across a query they cannot solve by themselves. Live chat is important in the sense that users can communicate as per their convenience and on the time they want.

One-stop Solution for all your Forex Needs

Look no further, your search for a reliable forex service provider ends here. We provide custom-made solutions to match your requirements at every step of the way.


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